Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Mongol Gallery Day Five

I know, I left it too long and the momentum sank down into the sand until I have to start again from a standing start. It happens unfortunately. Life intervenes and my good intentions become another broken promise to myself.

The spur is, someone made a comment on 43 things, asking if I'd written the novel I said I was going to write, and sadly, I had not, so here I am, fully repentant and starting again. All those who have encouraged me, this is for you.

Today according to Viki King I should be reaching page 75. If you recall from earlier, that is the point where Daniel (and Peter too for that matter) realises that he doesn't even get what he dealt with the devil for.

I have the distraction of three year old and cat being in the house and needing to be separated. Let's hope that doesn't interfere.

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